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We are happy to meet and discuss your ideas and prepare an estimate for your review.
Initial faux finish bids are complimentary. Samples are provided upon request.

“How will I know what I’m getting and if I’ll like it?”
After many years of success in this business, we are very good at communicating with and listening to the client to develop a tangible understanding of exactly what they have in mind. We’ll use that insight to prepare samples, sketches, and comps for review and approval as appropriate.

“How do I know I'll like the decorative paint finish?”
That's why we mix all colors ourselves - right there at the job site. Color is the most important factor in a successful faux finish. By mixing the colors ourselves, we have 100% control of this crucial element. As we like to say, "all the fancy faux techniques in the world are useless if the decorative finish is the wrong color."

When designing faux colors, we pay attention to other colors used in the room, such as upholstery, flooring, counter tops and wall art, as well as colors that have been used in other parts of the house.

For samples of wall finishes, we have found that painting a large sample of about 4' by 8' right on your wall is a very effective way for you to evaluate the new decorative finish accurately. A large sample exposes subtle nuances in color or pattern, and allows for creating a small vignette of furniture, flooring, upholstery, etc. so the finish can be evaluated in context. This sample is then approved by the client before we proceed with completing the wall. Any changes that are needed are discussed and we also can create custom faux samples in advance. See our Sample Board pages to view some examples of boards we have created for past clients.

“What about wear and tear? Can a faux finish wall be touched up?”
Yes, faux wall painting can be readily touched up and restored to perfect condition, whether we painted it or not. In fact, we often provide faux touch-up services to building contractors for common building materials, painted or real.   We are experts in touching up all wood finishes (faux or real), as well as marble, granite, stone, or brick.

“How long do faux painted finishes last, such as in a kitchen?”
Decorative wall painting is very durable. We use top quality materials that are washable and last for years without showing age effects. Any nicks and dings can be touched up, just like any paint finish, to restore the look of the finish.

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